Phabricator, an open source, software engineering platform

Phabricator is a collection of open source web applications that help software companies build better software.

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Phabricator includes applications for:

  • reviewing and auditing code;
  • hosting Git/Hg/SVN repositories;
  • tracking bugs or "features";
  • pestering designers;
  • "project" "manage" "ment";
  • hiding stuff from coworkers; and
  • also some other things.
Phabricator supports Git, Mercurial, and Subversion. The Phabricator server runs on Linux or Mac OS X, but can be used on any platform. The optional, yet powerful, command line client Arcanist runs on Linux, Mac OS X or Windows. Phabricator is written mostly in PHP.
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Phabricator's development is led by Phacility, Inc, which also provides professional-level hosting and support of Phabricator, on demand. Try Phabricator on Phacility with no obligation.

Applications and Features

Review Code or just stare at it

Review others' code with Differential, because they can't be trusted.

  • Shows code so you can look at it.
  • You can reject code if you don't like it.
  • Code review is a pretty okay idea.
  • Fewer bad things will happen if you do it.
  • Here is an example of some code you can look at: D212

Host Git/Mercurial/SVN Repositories, or connect other hosts

Phabricator can host Git, Mercurial and Subversion repositories. It also works well with existing repositories (like GitHub, Bitbucket, or other repositories you already have elsewhere) without needing to host them itself.

  • Host repositories with powerful access control...
  • ...or easily connect to existing repositories.
  • There is a dragon who guards your hosted repositories.
  • It's dangerous to go alone. Take this (documentation).

Browse and Audit Source Code

Use Diffusion to look at source code in your browser. Unnerving. You can also audit code, which lets you point things out which offend your delicate sensibilities.

Track bugs

Have terrible software? Keep track of all the defects and problems with your awful code using Maniphest.

  • Keeps track of bugs.
  • You can assign them to people.
  • Maybe you could fix them eventually. (optional)
  • For example, look at this flaw in Phabricator itself: T2000

Write Things Down

You can write things down with Phriction, which is a wiki.

  • You can write text.
  • That text stays there.
  • You can read it later.
  • You can make text bold. Bold text wins arguments!

Watch for Danger

As your company scales, keep track of activity with Herald, which notifies you when things you care about happen (like a specific file being changed).

  • Write business rules.
  • Everyone loves business rules.
  • Keep an eye on suspicious interns.
  • Warns you about plotting and scheming.


The arcanist command line tool gives you CLI access to most of Phabricator's functionality.

  • Many cryptic commands.
  • ANSI color, where supported.
  • Runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.


The Conduit API allows you to write scripts that interact with Phabricator over an HTTP JSON API.

  • Is an interface.
  • For application programming.

Serious Tools

Phabricator applications are serious, heavy-duty tools that scale to organizations with thousands of employees.

  • Infrastructure is serious, scalable and secure.
  • Performance is a priority.
  • Even has a serious business mode, for the most serious businesses.
  • Sometimes people write about Phabricator.
  • See how Phabricator compares to other serious businesses.

Actively Developed

Phabricator is under active development, and we've accepted patches from more than 150 unique contributors to date.

  • Most patches make it better.
  • Only some break it.
  • Written in PHP so literally anyone can contribute, even if they have no idea how to program.
  • Even babies and dogs can contribute.
  • You, too, can contribute!

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